Tocca Kyoto Candle (Kinmokusei Flower/Peach Nectar)

Tocca Kyoto Candle (Kinmokusei Flower/Peach Nectar)
The Tocca Kyoto Candle is a harmonious blend of fruity floral, apricot and peach. This is truly the nectar of the Gods. This exquisite scent originates from the heart of the plant of the Kinmokusei. Its delicate orange and gold petals surround the ancient Buddhist temples in Japan, making it almost a spiritual awakening!

The warmest droplets of fruit and flowers drift all through the home, co-mingling in an intoxicating sensory experience. Infuse your home with a clean, fresh fragrance; invite in delightful energy and cast out the negative. Restore your heart, and relax your mind. Invite the countryside into your home with the Tocca Kyoto Candle.


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Burn Time:

60 Hours

Net Weight:

10.6 Ounces


3.5" Tall/ 3.25" Diameter

Wick Type:


Wax Type:

Paraffin and Vegetable Wax Blend

Fragrance Family:


Fragrance Notes:

fruity floral, apricot, peach




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