Seda France Crimson Amaryllis Candle

Seda France Crimson Amaryllis Candle
The Seda France Crimson Amaryllis Candle is elegant and arrow-like Amaryllis is also known as Belladonna Lily and Naked Ladies, but in Latin it simply means "to sparkle” – a perfect portrayal of the flower’s soft white petals and brilliant crimson veins. From that cue, we’ve taken the effervescent zip of persimmon, lemon zest, mandarin oranges and sun-kissed raspberries and smoothed them out with creamy coconut milk, African violet, crisp green leaves and a silky sweet conclusion of Egyptian musk and Tahitian vanilla.


This item is no longer available

Burn Time:

60 Hours

Net Weight:

10 Ounces


4" Tall/ 3.25" Diameter

Wick Type:

Zinc Core

Wax Type:

Soy Paraffin Blend

Fragrance Family:


Fragrance Notes:

amaryllis, persimmon, lemon zest, mandarin oranges, raspberries, coconut milk, african violet, green leaves, egyptian musk, vanilla



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