DayNa Decker Flora Candles

The delicate glass that holds DayNa Decker Flora Candles speaks of the exquisite scents held within. They are the epitome of indulgence and envelope you in an enticing fresh botanical wax made from natural soy and palm with essential oil fragrances infused in them to slowly capture your senses. The EcoWood Wick™ is artfully designed to create an enchanting tear drop flame that will mesmerize you. DayNa Decker Flora Candles with their long burn time will fill your room with their powerful yet delicate bouquet that lasts as much as 45 hours from one single candle. DayNa Decker Flora Candles are ecologically pure and clean burning so they are safe for the environment and safe for your home while they provide an enticing and soothing atmosphere for your pleasure.
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