Coupons and Promotions offers coupons and promotions for certain items and brands from time to time. The best way to be informed of our promotions is to subscribe to our email list and to follow our social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter. When we do offer promotions and coupons their are a few rules that apply:

Promotions and coupon codes are subject to change at any time and for any reason. We reserve the right to cancel a promotion even if it used in a completed orders for reasons including, but not limited to - stock-outs, errors and omissions, vendor and brand conditions, etc. If you ever have any questions about the status of a promotion or coupon please contact us first before placing an order.

If you fail to enter a qualifying promotion/coupon code during the checkout process and later notify us after your order has been processed and shipped for us to ship qualifying promotional items not included on your order you will be charged an additional shipping and handling fee for these items. Request to ship promotional items after 7 days from your order date cannot be honored.

PLEASE NOTE - does not allow what is known as "coupon stacking", the practice of accepting multiple coupons or promotions on a single order. If you qualify for multiple promotions and/or apply multiple coupon codes to a single order, our order system will only accept one of them -- the highest value promotion. In some rare occasions this could lead to items in your cart that would have been free promotional items but since your order qualified for a higher value promotion these items would still be included in your cart at their original price. At your discretion you may remove these items from your cart and their associated cost. This is the choice of the customer. If you choose not to remove these items and later choose to return them you may do so as long as you follow our return policy described on our website. As with other returns it is the customers responsibility to return these items to us at their cost.
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