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February 15, 2010

Archipelago Botanicals Launches Private Reserve Candle and Diffuser Collection

Ever wonder what the creators of fragrance take home when they want to enjoy a candle or diffuser? Now you can enjoy the same, high end fragrances that are smuggled out of the Archipelago lab as hand poured samples - and coveted by special friends and family alike - with their own, private collection of personal blends. Each is a favorite of one of our owners, and is cleverly labeled with the original lab number and “fragrance name”, with striking graphics that play up the L.A. roots of the brand. A dramatic look and a dramatic sensory experience that will thrill even the most discerning fragrance lover.

The collection is available in five scents in both candles ($29.50) and diffusers ($48) at

LUST - Private Reserve No. 83
Stroll along the Seine, admire the lights of the Eiffel Tower, and feel the passion of the couples that dot the park benches of the city. Fragrance number 83 causes the heart to skip a beat with its blend of Bourbon Vanilla, sultry Vetiver, warm Amber and shocking Bergamot.

LEATHER - Private Reserve No. 107
The smell of leather and well used work benches fill the air inside the hand bag factories of Florence. Fragrance No. 107 captures the passion of the craftsmen inside with sultry notes of Tuscan Leather, absolutes of Amber, Cashmere Must and Gualacwood.

ZEST - Private Reserve No. 54
Inspired by the lively colors, smells and sounds of the outdoor market that lies in the center of Barcelona. Fragrance No. 54 features absolutes of Vetiver, blended with Dewfruit Zest, Lemon Leaf and overtones of the Ruby Pomegranates that are so proudly on display.

STEM - Private Reserve No. 112
Behold the wonder as closed petals open to expose themselves to the world outside. Fragrance number 112 was created to be the perfect, updated floral -with Fresh Rosehips and Freesia that blend effortlessly with Oakmoss, Musk, and the slight hint of Patchouli.

GRASS - Private Reserve No. 126
Developed to recreate the experience of walking through a freshly cut meadow, Fragrance No. 126 features subtle notes of Petit Grain, blended with Wild Grasses, Clover and hints of Green Bamboo.

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